Neighborhood Traffic Management


The Contra Costa County Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) represents the County's commitment to the safety and livability of its neighborhoods. It is a community-based approach to traffic calming. The program is designed to educate and empower residents with the tools to evaluate, develop, and program traffic management solutions.

The Program, along with the Tool Kit presented within the Program Document, provides a process for identifying, measuring, and dealing with problems related to traffic safety on local streets. This process also facilitates the County's goal to "provide for safe and efficient vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle movements on Contra Costa County streets."

Purpose of the Program Document

This document is intended to provide information that will be helpful in identifying the appropriate traffic control measures to address neighborhood traffic problems. It illustrates the types of traffic management measures that can be used to control traffic on residential streets in Contra Costa County. It identifies the types of traffic concerns each measure addresses. It sets forth the conditions that need to exist before each measure is considered for implementation. Additionally, it identifies specific factors that may make the control favorable or unfavorable at a particular location or for a certain purpose. It should be noted that funding sources are not identified in this document and will need to be secured for any device proposed for installation.

View the full Neighborhood Traffic Management Program document (PDF).  Please note this document can take a long time to load.

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