Public Presentations and Programs

Public Presentations/Speaking Engagements

Contra Costa County Airports is committed to community outreach. While the Airport Tour Program and various Airport Events allow Airports staff to meet hundreds of Contra Costa County citizens each year, Airports staff also offers public presentations and speaking engagements. The presentations provide information about Buchanan Field and Byron Airports to build awareness of the services available at and economic benefits provided by both airports.

Would you benefit from having Airports staff speak to your class, organization or business? Please call 925-681-4200 for more information.

Previous speaking engagements include: Alamo Rotary, City of Clyde, City of Concord, City of Pleasant Hill, Clayton Rotary, Concord Chamber of Commerce, Concord Rotary, Public Employees Retirement Association, Town of Pacheco

Aviation Education Programs Offered at Buchanan Field

Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 393 Young Eagles Program
The EAA Young Eagles program was launched in 1992 to expose young people, ages 8-17, to aviation by providing free rides in private, general aviation airplanes, flown by experienced, volunteer EAA member pilots. Visit the Young Eagles website for more information.

Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program
Buchanan Field is home to Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Squadron 44, which is an auxiliary of the United States Air Force. Best known for its search and rescue and disaster relief functions, CAP also provides a cadet program for local youth. The program allows participants 12 to 18 years of age to participate in a variety of activities that build knowledge and skills ranging from discussion, debate and leadership practices to physical fitness and understanding of moral issues we face as a society. Visit the Civil Air Patrol website for more information.

Aviation Education Programs Offered at Byron Airport

The Patriots Jet Team Foundation                                                                                                                      The Patriots Jet Team Foundation is an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring the youth of America with a love of aviation and aerospace. They believe students today need and deserve every encouragement to learn and apply STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) along their educational paths. Their Foundation is developing innovative educational programs that combine the high energy of our Patriots Jet Team partners with exciting, hands-on STEM-based curricula that will provide students with learning skills and experiences of a lifetime. Visit the Patriots Jet Team Foundation website for more information.