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    (Martinez, CA) - The CAB currently has vacancies for three (3) Alternate Member seats and effective January 1, 2022, will have vacancies for three (3) Voting Member seats. Read more...
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CAB Overview

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) on Public Safety Realignment was established by the Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) Executive Committee in December 2012 to provide input on community needs; assess implementation of the realignment plan; review data on realignment outcomes; advise the CCP on community engagement strategies; offer recommendations for ongoing realignment planning; advise County agencies regarding programs for implementation in the County; and encourage outcomes that are consistent with the County’s Reentry Strategic Plan.

The CAB is composed of 12 Voting Members and 3 Alternate Members with expertise in workforce development, behavioral health issues, post-release reentry services, services for reentering women, criminal and drug court, crime survivors, domestic violence prevention, adult education within a correctional setting, and law and policy related to issues of the formerly incarcerated. All CAB members either live or work in Contra Costa County. 

The Community Advisory Board meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Probation Department (50 Douglas Drive, Second Floor, Martinez, CA).

In addition, CAB has the following Subcommittees:

  • Outreach & Community Engagement Subcommittee: 3rd Tuesday of the month, 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
  • Programs & Services Subcommittee: 3rd Thursday of the month, 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Policy & Budget Subcommittee: 3rd Friday of the month, 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


Please contact Patrice Guillory for more information at (925) 313-4087, or through email.


Operating Guidelines (March 2019) 

Intent & Principles (November 2013)

Membership Application & Instructions: CAB continuously considers new applicants to fill existing vacancies.

Membership Flyer: County-wide distribution is welcomed!

Current Member Roster

Azi Carter - Profile Pic
Azi Carter (East County) is a resident of Pittsburg and currently studies at UC Berkley. Through education, she gained an understanding of the war on drugs and the negative impacts mass incarceration has had on society. Education has given Azi a voice she never had, and she intends to use it to represent communities of color and elevate important issues impacting the lives of young people and senior citizens. Serving on the CAB will allow Azi to participate in local decision-making processes that affect the reentry population. Azi would join the CAB as a well-organized, punctual, and self-motivated influencer within the various communities she is a part of with a commitment to represent the needs and interests of her fellow community members.
Chala Bonner - Profile Pic
Chala Bonner (West County; Committee Secretary) is a formerly incarcerated community member residing in Richmond. Chala has been through the process of returning home with a criminal record, and has participated in the program offered by Rubicon programs. Through this experience she has gained an interest in continuing to improve the County’s realignment and reentry processes. She is an organizer of the Safe Return Project and a strong believer in change. CAB believes Ms. Bonner’s experience as someone who has a lived experience of reentry and reintegration, and participating in county-funded services, each provide a valuable and needed perspective to the work of the CAB.
Crawford Carpenter - Profile Pic
Crawford Carpenter (Central County) is a retired businessman who lives in Danville. As a concerned citizen Crawford is looking to stay involved in important efforts that allow him to give back to his community. He would like to be a part of CAB to assist with people impacted by the criminal justice system by help to support a system that helps guide returning residents into productive lives rather than exposing him/her to a more hardened and harmful criminal justice system. In the past, Crawford has provided election services as a Clerk & Inspector, served on a City Planning Committee, an Ohio State Commission and completed Danville’s Citizen Police Academy. While on CAB he would like to see divergent views brought together that results in more resolution and less gridlock.
DeVonn Powers - Profile Pic
DeVonn Powers (Central County) is a resident of Concord and works in Concord. DeVonn is a survivor of domestic violence. As a family member of incarcerated individuals, she understands the various points of view and importance of each person’s voice while providing resources and support as the individual and family works through their circumstances. DeVonn understands the difficulties one can face when re-entering the community after incarceration, along with the struggles of being a victim of violence. DeVonn is the President and the CEO of Humanity Way, a nonprofit providing for people’s basic needs. DeVonn has served on or engaged with several support groups including the Alameda Workforce Investment Board member, Community Advisory Board member, and the West County Reentry Success Steering Committee member.
Jeri Cohen - Profile Pic
Jeri Cohen (Central County) is a resident of Moraga with a work address of Richmond. She has worked for the Contra Costa County Detention Facilities in Martinez, Clayton and in West County as a teacher for over 5 years. During her teaching tenure, she heard from her students concerning their needs for having a successful reentry into the community. It was clear to her at that time, that many of these needs were not being met. Many of the women she worked with expressed their need for emotional and psychological support which they were not receiving. In addition, housing upon reentry and employment were primary needs not being met. She left her teaching position to become the Homeless Education Coordinator for Contra Costa County Office of Education and later for the West Contra Costa School District where she was the Director of the Homeless Education program for children and youth for over 15 years. In this role, she worked with many families who were experiencing difficult times and were in desperate need of services from the school district and the community. She was able to support them by developing a strong collaboration with local community based organizations. She currently is an executive board member of the Youth Services Bureau in Richmond.
Jon'Ta Davenport - Profile Pic

Jon'Ta Davenport (East County; Committee Vice Chair) is a resident of Pittsburg and has a work address of Pittsburg as well. He works closely with Contra Costa County agencies to decrease recidivism, homelessness, and substance use. He possesses a bachelor's degree in Human Development, and a master's degree in social work. In his various professional roles, Jon’Ta has served the reentry population, those at-risk of justice involvement and other disadvantaged populations. He was a Substance Abuse Counselor for seven years, and most recently worked for Contra Costa County as an AOD Division Counselor at Discovery House. He has a great passion for the mission of helping others, has strong organizational and leadership skills and takes pride in making positive contributions to his community. 

Lila Blanchard - Profile Pic
Lila Blanchard (West County) is a resident of Berkeley with a work location in Richmond. Throughout her life, she has visited folks who have been incarcerated, starting in High School. Just after college, she was part of a Spanish speaking volunteer community visiting individuals at San Francisco’s Juvenile Hall for two years. While living in Venezuela for three years, she lived in a neighborhood that was plagued with violence where police protection felt far away. After returning to the United States, she began working with Rubicon Programs, Inc. At Rubicon, she has had over 10 years of experience working with formerly incarcerated individuals around economic empowerment and community development. She has extended family members and friends who have been incarcerated and involved with the justice system. She would like to be part of CAB’s work because she is deeply invested in ensuring there are opportunities and second chances for everyone.
Michael Pitts - Profile Pic
Michael Pitts (East County; Committee Chair) is a resident of Antioch. Michael has 21 years with the Contra Costa County Probation Department. During this time, Michael served at the Probation Department Boy’s Ranch as a Probation Manager and later became the Director of the facility. As Director, he assisted with the department’s implementation of evidence based practices including risk/needs assessments, motivational interviewing and cognitive behavior. Michael is now a Field Operations Coordinator with the Reentry Network at HealthRight360. In this role, he assists those residents returning from incarceration to connect with resources in the community. From his past and present work experience, Michael is keenly aware of the post incarceration needs of men and women. Michael looks forward to serving on the CAB, giving an opportunity to make an impact with realignment at the county level through his input to the CAB on realignment policy.
Michelle Hernandez - Profile Pic

Dr. Michelle Hernandez (Central County) is a Contra Costa County resident and currently works and resides in Concord. As a child she grew up visiting her sibling in San Quentin State Prison which led to her interest in the criminal justice system. She earned her PhD in 2011, applying her education and skills to working with foster children in the juvenile justice system. She is passionate about serving the community and has led psycho-educational groups as a Latinx clinical psychologist who specializes in the psychology of disability and has worked with various people of color to overcome barriers and struggles within the criminal justice system.
Nakenya Allen - Profile Pic
Nakenya Allen (Central County) is a Contra Costa County resident currently residing and working in Martinez. Nakenya is passionate about the re-entry population and desires to make a difference in her community. She is currently an activist in her community focusing on the disparities of minorities. She was incarcerated at eighteen years old and understands the processes of the criminal justice system and the efforts needed to rebuild one’s life once released from incarceration. She has experience working with individuals with mental health needs and those who are unhoused.
Nicole Green - Profile Pic
Nicole Green (East County) has been a Contra Costa County resident for ten years and is currently residing in Pittsburg which has allowed her to see the growing community concerns around incarceration and barriers of individuals who have been released. She has been employed with non-profits who focus specifically on the reentry population and has worked to help identify strategies that remove barriers. Over the past three years Nicole has assisted with employment, housing, mental health, and specifically with the AB 109 populations when she was employed with Shelter, Inc. and Goodwill Industries. In addition, she has collaborated with various non-profits and with Contra Costa County Department of Health, Housing and Homelessness strategizing and establishing processes to assist these individuals.
Terrence Cole - Profile Pic
Dr. Terrence M. Cole (Central County) is a resident of Contra Costa County and is currently living in Walnut Creek. He is passionate about working for the reentry population. He has fifteen years of work experience in the education and legal system. His focus is on effectively impacting the lives of individuals of all ages who are involved in the criminal justice system. He is excited about new opportunities that positively impact the criminal justice, education and public policy systems.

CAB General Meeting Agendas, Handouts, & Minutes

CAB Subcommittee meeting agendas/minutes can be accessed on the Contra Costa County - Agenda Center website here.

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