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The Community Development director is designated as the Zoning Administrator, except that the director may appoint in writing one or more deputy zoning administrators, and may assign to each deputy zoning administrator one or more of the zoning administrator's powers and duties set forth in section 26-2.1204. The director may further assign deputy zoning administrators to act on matters within limited or specified geographical areas, including special districts, school districts, and within the geographical boundaries of agencies and authorities governed by the board of supervisors.

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If a meeting is in progress, there will be a link to live streaming at the top of the ZA Meeting Videos page. The Zoning Administrator meets on the first and third Monday, unless there is holiday. If there is a holiday, the meeting is generally held on the following Wednesday. 

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The zoning administrator and deputy zoning administrators, consistent with the scope of and to the extent specified by the community development director in their appointment, shall:

  • Hear and decide all applications for variance permits, including off-street parking and loading requirement, highway setback requirements and sign requirements. Further, the zoning administrator shall review and decide all site, development, elevations, off-street parking and loading and landscaping plans and drawings, and plans and drawings for location, size and design of signs. Where matters covered by this paragraph are requested with the filing of a tentative minor subdivision map, the entire application shall be considered by the division charged with reviewing the map.
  • Hear and decide all requests for conditional use permits (also referred to as land use permits).
  • Be part of the advisory agency for the purpose of passing on minor subdivision and tentative maps as specified in TITLE 9 of the County code.
  • Hear and decide all applications or requests for proposed entitlements estimated to generate less than one hundred peak hour trips.
  • Hear and make recommendations regarding proposed development agreements when such agreements are processed separately from the development project applications.
  • Hear and act on such other matters as specifically assigned by ordinance or board resolution or order.