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If you are applying for a discretionary permit (i.e. Subdivision, Land Use Permit, or Development Plan), there are many agencies whose requirements you must satisfy before final approval can be granted. In the case of the Public Works Department, these requirements are reflected in the Conditions of Approval and the Advisory Notes.

Your development permit may require submittal of improvement plans, Parcel or Final Map, or just condition of approval compliance review.

If your Conditions of Approval involve actual improvements to the road and drainage system (infrastructure), you will need to submit improvement plans to the Public Works Department for review and approval. Visit our "Improvement Plans" page for submittal requirements or obtain an "Information Packet" from the Engineering Services Division.

If you are applying for a subdivision, you will need to submit a Parcel or Final Map to the Public Works Department for review. Visit our "Subdivisions/Maps" page for more information.

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Other useful publications available to help you through the development process:

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