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The Contra Costa County Public Works Department uses an electronic records system known as Laserfiche Weblink, which is used by municipalities nationwide to retrieve and manage documents. This system allows citizen access to various public records. Public Works records currently available in Laserfiche Weblink include:

  • Recorded Maps (Subdivisions, Minor Subdivisions, Records of Survey and Corner Records)
  • Assessor Parcel Books which are annotated with additional map references
  • Archived Assessor Parcel Books which include superseded pages
  • Is this road Public or Private?

To determine if a road is County Maintained go to CCMAP website.

  • Type the address or road name in the search box.
  • Click on the Layer list.
  • Click on Public Works and Maintained Roads.
  • If the road is highlighted in Green, it is County Maintained. If you are unsure or need help call (925) 313-2000 and ask for Records staff or email us.
  • How do I find my Assessor’s Parcel number/Are there any Surveys on my property?

To see if there are any surveys on a parcel you need the Assessor’s Parcel number (APN). Go to CCMAP to obtain the parcel number then search in Laserfiche Weblink under Annotated Assessor Parcel Books.  Here it will ask you for the parcel book and the page. Surveys are listed in red with a LSM book and page or CR book and page. Once you have a book and page you can then pull up the map using Laserfiche Weblink and click on Search for Recorded Maps.

  • Can you tell me where the easements are on my property?

No. If your property is a lot in a subdivision, you can get a copy through the Laserfiche Weblink and the map may show easements affecting the property at the time of the recording; however, there is no reason to assume there are no other easements or that all easements are listed. A title company guarantee policy is the best source of disclosing things such as easements affecting a particular property.

  • I’m looking for the improvement plans for a subdivision/tract.

Subdivision Improvement plans are filed by tract/Sub number (for unincorporated Contra Costa County only). Call us at (925) 313-2000 or email us.

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