Northern Waterfront Economic Development Initiative

The Northern Waterfront Economic Development InitiativeTM is a regional cluster-based economic development strategy with a goal of creating 18,000 new jobs by 2035. The Initiative leverages existing competitive advantages and assets by focusing on five targeted clusters (advanced transportation, advanced manufacturing, biomedical/biotech, ag tech & food processing, and clean tech). The initiative has an opportunity to change health, education, and economic outcomes in Contra Costa County for all residents of the Northern Waterfront communities, as described in the framework for community development. The hallmark of this initiative is the collaboration among the County and seven partner cities to enhance the economic vitality of the region.  

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**We have gotten calls from people who have found the same acronym as the Northern Waterfront Economic Development Initiative on their bank statements. Contra Costa County is a government agency not accessing any bank accounts so it is not related to this economic development program. **