County Practices and Procedures

Contra Costa County takes allegations of unlawful discrimination and/or harassment very seriously and will promptly conduct an investigation when warranted. Our goal is to provide equal employment opportunities to applicants as well as employees and to ensure that the workplace is free of discrimination and harassment. The County is committed to providing resources available to managers, employees, and the public which helps the County achieve equal opportunity.

County Personnel Management Regulations

The County Personnel Management Regulations (PMR's) expressly prohibit unlawful discrimination and provide an administrative appeal for county employees who believe they have been subjected to unlawful discrimination. The County developed the PMR's to provide assistance for managers and employees in locating pertinent personnel administrative information, including policies, procedures, and forms.

Discrimination Complaint Procedures

The purpose of these procedures is to provide an internal system to resolve complaints of discrimination and/or harassment. Employees and managers are strongly encouraged to report the offensive conduct immediately to their supervisor or department Equal Employment Officer; file a complaint directly with the County Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator; or file a complaint with the Contra Costa County Merit Board.

Confidential Medical Information and Complaint Procedure

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as amended, medical information provided by County employees or applicants for employment is confidential. Medical information regarding an employee or applicant obtained at any point during the employment process is confidential. Medical information may only be released to those individuals with a legitimate basis for access as provided by law. Employees who have access to confidential medical information must use their discretion to ensure the security of the information.

An applicant or employee may file a written or oral complaint regarding the release of confidential medical information with the County's Equal Employment Opportunity Officer ("EEO"). After receiving the complaint, the EEO will evaluate the facts of the incident and may make inquiries about the complaint, as appropriate, in an effort to informally resolve the complaint. The Equal Employment Opportunity Officer will notify the complainant(s), department head, and any other necessary persons, regarding the disposition of complaints made pursuant to this policy.

View the information regarding the Confidential Medical Information and Complaint Procedure (PDF).

Merit Board

The Merit Board's purpose is to hear and make determinations on appeals of employees and oversee the merit system to ensure that merit principles are upheld. The Merit Board hears and makes final determinations.

Please visit Human Resources for more information.

Visit Employment Complaint Procedure (PDF) & Management Complaint Procedure (PDF)

for information on how to file an internal complaint.