Real Estate Division

The Real Estate Division is the only local public agency in Contra Costa County that is certified for acquisition of property for state highways and for Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) funded projects.

Because of this, the Division contracts on a regular basis with many of the cities within the County (and a few outside of the County) to supervise the appraisal and acquisition of right of way for FHWA funded projects.

The Division provides the following services to cities, other outside agencies and county who may not have a real estate acquisition staff.

  • The acquisition of property and land rights for County uses, including buildings and building sites for airports
  • Redevelopment Agency projects
  • The County road system
  • The Flood Control District
  • Numerous special districts
  • Make property appraisals and negotiate with property owners and/or their representatives to purchase land and easements.
  • Engage private appraisers for special work and review the work product.
  • Develop supporting data and assist the County's attorney in the preparation of condemnation cases for court trials.
  • Make right-of-way cost estimates for budgetary and other purposes

As the County's real estate agent, staff is responsible for the following real estate matters.

  • Leasing of County property or private property for County use
  • Investigating hazardous materials site for all Public Works projects
  • Reporting projects involving property acquisition for other departments
  • Managing the 18.5 mile long Iron Horse Trail Corridor, formerly known as the Southern Pacific Right-of-Way