Merit Board

The purpose of the Merit Board is to hear and make determinations on appeals of employees and oversee the merit system to ensure that merit principles are upheld.

The County has a discrimination complaint procedure for processing allegations of discrimination and/or harassment to the Equal Employment Officer and Merit Board. A person may file a complaint of unlawful discrimination with the Merit Board within sixty (60) days of the date the alleged discrimination occurred, or within thirty (30) days of termination of mediation efforts by the Equal Employment Officer, whichever is later, except that as to matters in which these rules provides specific appeal procedures and time limits, such appeal procedures and time limits shall apply. Discrimination complaints must be be in writing and must set forth the grounds and facts upon which discrimination is alleged and the remedy sought. Final decisions of the Merit Board on discrimination complaints shall be enforced and followed by the County or the appointing authority whose action was the subject of the complaint. Unlawful discrimination complaints are not subject to any grievance procedure.

Please visit Merit Board's webpage for more information.

Board Members: 

Charles Kreling, Chair
Toni Warren
Dennis Reigle
Eizo Kobayashi
James Mellander

Visit Merit Board (PDF) for historical background of the board.