Building Code and Ordinances - Title 7 of the County Code (the Building Code) and relevant Building Ordinances.

Zoning Code and Ordinances - Title 8 of the County Code (the Zoning Code), relevant Zoning Ordinances, and community P-1 Zoning Codes.

General Plan - The Contra Costa County General Plan expresses the broad goals and policies, and specific implementation measure, which guide decisions on future growth, development, and conservation of resources through 2020.

Specific Plan - Specific Plans are a special set of development standards that apply to a particular geographic Area. Many of the unincorporated communities in Contra Costa County have Specific Plans.

Transportation - Plans and documents related to Transportation Improvements in Contra Costa County

Conservation Plans - Plans related to Environmental Conservation in Contra Costa County

Climate Action Plan - Climate Action Plan and related Resources/Documents

Federal Programs - Plans and Documents related to the administration of Federal Funding Programs such as Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) or HOME funds.

EIRs and CEQA documents - Archive of Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs) and other California Environmental Quality Act Documents