Public Notices

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Administrative Notices

Environmental Services Notices

The full Environmental Documents posted on this page will be available on the Department of Conservation and Development CEQA Notices for Public Comment page.

  • Public Notice Marsh Creek Road Bridge Replacements (PDF) - The is a Notice of Intent to adopt a U.S. Department of Transportation Act Section 4(f) de minimus finding for impacts to Marsh Creek State Historic Park related to the Marsh Creek Road Bridge Replacements #143 and #145 Project.

Pesticide Notices

Contra Costa County Posting and Notification for Pesticide Use on County Property is required at least 3 days before the pesticide application until at least 4 days after. The Posting and Notification Policy applies only to County-owned land. Posting is not required on rights-of-way or in locations that the public does not use for recreation or pedestrian purposes. To view notices visit the Pesticides Application Notifications website.

Special District Notices