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Project NameCounty FileDocument Name
2015 - 2020 Consolidated Plan for the use of CDBG, HOME, and ESG Funds
Project Page
Alamo SummitDPlS-3039
Project Webpage
Alamo YMCALP99-2025Final EIR (PDF)
Bay View Residential Project (2009)SD04-8809Draft EIR (PDF)
Buena Vista Wind Energy Project (2005)LP02-2005Final EIR (PDF)
Bulk Material Processing Center & Related Activities at the West Contra Costa Sanitary LandfillLP92-2054 LP02-2026Draft and Final EIR
Cannabis Regulation and Licensing
Project webpage
Clayton Regency Mobile Home Park
Project Webpage
Creekside Memorial Park Cemetery
Final EIR (PDF)
Draft EIR (PDF) Appendices (PDF)
Del Hombre Apartments
Project Webpage
El Sobrante P-1 Rezoning
Project Webpage
Housing Element 2014
Project Webpage
Keller Canyon LandfillLP08-2026
Project Webpage
Meteorological Tower OrdinanceZT12-0003Project Webpage
Newport Pointe
Recirculated Mitigated Negative Declaration (PDF)
Recirculated Public Notice (PDF)
Proposed Architectural Rendering (PDF)
Biological Assessment (PDF)
Pantages BayGP99-0008
Final EIR (PDF)
Draft EIR (PDF)
Appendices (PDF)
Notice of Extended Review (PDF)
Project webpage
Addendum to the Patages Bay EIR - December, 2020 (PDF)
Updated Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program  - December, 2020 (PDF)
Pittsburg-Bay Point BART Station Area Specific Plan
Final EIR (PDF)
Recirculated DRAFT EIR (PDF)
Saranap Village Mixed Use Project (2014)GP13-0003
Final EIR (PDF)
Recirculated Draft EIR (PDF)
Recirculated Draft EIR Appendices (PDF)
Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) (PDF)
DEIR Appendices A-f (Notice of Preparation, Air Quality Technical Reports, Special-status Species and Biology Technical Reports, Greenhouse Gas Technical Reports, Hydrology Technical Reports, Noise Technical Reports) (PDF)
DEIR Appendix G (Transportation and Traffic Technical Reports) (PDF)
Cultural Resources Reports (PDF)
Geological Reports (PDF)
Hazardous Material Reports (PDF)
Utilities Reports (PDF)
Project Webpage
Shell Crude Tank Replacement
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Draft EIR (PDF)
Final EIR (PDF)
Sufism ReorientedLP08-2034
Draft EIR (PDF)
Final EIR - Volume I (PDF)
Final EIR - Volume II (PDF)
Appendices (PDF)
Table of Revision to Draft EIR in the Final EIR (PDF)
Letter of Community Support (PDF)
Support Letters (PDF)
Opposed Letters (PDF)
Staff Report (PDF)
Tres Vaqueros Wind Farm Project (2011)LP09-2005Draft EIR (PDF) Appendices (PDF)
Final EIR (PDF)
Urban Limit Line Review
Link to Project Webpage
Vasco Winds Repowering (2011)
Draft EIR (PDF)
Final EIR (PDF) Appendices (PDF)
Wireless Telecommunications Facilities OrdinanceOrdinance No 2016-11Application Requirements for Wireless Facility Applications (PDF)
Wireless Facility in County Right of Way Application (PDF)
Background information (CEQA, etc)