Pantages Residential Subdivision Project (277 Units)

Project Description

The project includes a General Plan Amendment to re-designate the project site to Single-Family Residential-High Density (SH), Open Space (OS), Water (WA), and Parks and Recreation (PR), a rezoning of the property to a modified configuration of a Planned Unit District (P-1) and Urban Farm Animal Exclusion Overlay (UE), a subdivision of the project site into 277 single-family residential lots and 18 Common Area Parcels, and a final development plan for the Pantages Residential Project.

Approximately 23 trees will be removed for the project.

The proposed project includes a reconfiguration of the residential land uses to avoid impacts to the northern wetland complex and Kellogg Creek, trail network, clubhouse area, two internal lakes within the project site, and public roads. The total project acreage is approximately 161.5 acres.

Of the 277 units, a total of 41.55 units will be set aside as affordable, 15 percent of the project. Eighty percent of the 41 affordable units (33 total) would be affordable to Moderate income households and twenty percent of the 41 affordable units (8 total) would be affordable to low income households. An in-lieu fee will be paid for the remaining 0.55 units.

The approximately 161.5-acre project site is at the eastern end of Point of Timber Road and bounded on the east and south by the original Discovery Bay community, to the west by Ravenswood and Lakeshore (Village II) in Discovery Bay West and to the north/northeast by waterways and undeveloped land.

Documents and Resources

Addendum to the EIR - December, 2020 (PDF)
Updated Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program - December, 2020 (PDF)

Final EIR (PDF)
Draft EIR (PDF)
Appendices (PDF)