General Plan


The purpose of the Contra Costa County General Plan is to express the broad goals and policies, and specific implementation measures, which will guide decisions on future growth, development, and the conservation of resources through the year 2020. The plan includes seven mandated elements, two optional elements, and is organized as follows.

CCMAP provide site specific information, including General Plan Land Use Designation.

Envision 2040 - A new General Plan for Contra Costa County

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Chapter NameDescription
Title Page (PDF)Title Page
Table of Contents (PDF)Table of Contents, List of Tables, and List of Figures
Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF)Overview of the General Plan, public participation process, legal authority, components of General Plan, definitions, and how to use document.
Chapter 2: Planning Framework (PDF)Provides background information on Contra Costa County and sets the stage for the General Plan goals, policies, and implementation measures.
Chapter 3: Land Use Element (PDF)This mandated Element includes all Countywide land use goals, policies, and implementation measures, as well as more detailed land use policies applied to specific unincorporated areas.
Chapter 4: Growth Management Element (PDF)This Element establishes polices and standards for traffic levels of service and performance standards for fire, police, parks, sanitary facilities, water and flood control to ensure that public facilities consistent with the adopted standards are provided.
Chapter 5: Transportation and Circulation Element (PDF)This Element establishes transportation goals and policies, specific implementation measures to assure that the transportation system of the County will have adequate capacity to serve planned growth in Contra Costa County through the year 2020.
Chapter 6: Housing Element (PDF)This Element focuses the development of adequate housing for all income segments and addresses housing needs and resources in the County unincorporated areas.
Chapter 7: Public Facilities/Services Element (PDF)This Element establishes goals and policies that address the vital infrastructure and public services that must be provided to maintain the quality of life of existing and future Contra Costa County Residents.
Chapter 8: Conservation Element (PDF)This Element includes goals and policies developed for resource protection is concerned with issues regarding the identification, preservation and management of natural resources in the Unincorporated County.
Chapter 9: Open Space Element (PDF)This Element's goals and policies include the need to preserve, conserve and efficiently manage open space within the county.
Chapter 10: Safety Element (PDF)This Element includes maps of known hazards including seismic and other geologic hazards while addressing evacuation routes; peak-load water supply requirements; and minimum road widths and clearances around structures, as they relate to identifies fire and geologic hazards.
Chapter 11: Noise Element (PDF)This Element is mandated by the State of California and identifies working towards mitigation of noise problems in the community by analyzing current and projected noise levels.
Glossary and Abbreviations (PDF)N/A
Urban Limit Line Map (PDF)N/A
Roadway Network Plan Map (PDF)N/A
Bicycle Facilities Network Map (PDF)N/A
Land Use Element Map (PDF)The County has Land Use authority only for the unincorporated areas of Contra Costa County. 
Local Hazard Mitigation PlanThe County's current Local Hazard Mitigation Plan was adopted in 2018.
Housing Element Land Inventory - Vacant and Underutilized Sites Analysis (PDF)

The inventory identifies vacant and underutilized sites which have a residential use, evaluate the sites suitability for residential development, estimate the residential unit potential for the sites identified, and relate the level of affordability for residential development of the sites identified.