I-680/Treat Blvd Bicycle & Pedestrian Improvements

Project Summary (PDF)
FINAL I-680/Treat Boulevard Bicycle & Pedestrian Improvement Plan (PDF)

Project Description

The proposed project would provide a plan that identifies improvements to serve bicyclists and pedestrians using the Treat Boulevard/I-680 corridor between the Iron Horse Trail, through the Interstate-680 (I-680) over-crossing ("over-crossing") near the Contra Costa Centre/Pleasant Hill BART station area, and extending west to Geary Road/North Main Street in the City of Walnut Creek. The I-680/Treat Boulevard over-crossing is one of the main arteries into the Contra Costa Centre/Pleasant Hill BART station area from areas of Walnut Creek west of the freeway.

The Contra Costa Centre/Pleasant Hill BART Area Specific Plan identifies a need for a future bicycle and pedestrian circulation route along this segment of Treat Boulevard. The Contra Costa Centre/Pleasant Hill BART Specific Plan contains policies and recommendations that encourage improved bicycle and pedestrian circulation access to, through, and from the Specific Plan area. The proposed Plan would support and help implement these policies and recommendations. In addition, the City of Walnut Creek adopted policies in their General Plan 2025 that support this project.

The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) Transportation for Livable Communities (TLC) program is the fund source for this planning study. The City of Walnut Creek, CCTA and Transportation Partnership and Cooperation (TRANSPAC) will work jointly with Contra Costa County on this effort.

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