Due to the Shelter in Place Order issued by the County Health Officer on April 29, 2020 all offices of the Department of Conservation and Development are closed to the public. We continue to operate nearly all of our services and programs while working remotely and supporting the County’s emergency response efforts.

Beginning May 4, 2020 when restrictions on construction are eased by the Shelter in Place Order, we will resume accepting all types of building and planning applications, issuing all types of permits and conducting inspections on all types of construction. However, our process has changed and is now mostly electronic.  Please find additional information on how to apply for and receive permits here.  Please do not travel to our offices for advice or information as all our buildings and permit centers are not open.  We are able to assist you by phone and through electronic communication. 

For additional information on how the Shelter in Place has affected our programs and services in the areas of Policy Planning and Housing and Community Improvement please click here.
For updated information from the County about COVID-19, please visit

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The current business day’s building inspection schedule is posted after 8:45 AM, Monday-Friday. Inspection time frames are provided in 3 hour windows.

View the Daily Building Inspection Schedule (PDF) to see your scheduled inspection time frame for today. You will need to have a PDF reader installed on your computer or device to view the file. Download the free Adobe Reader.

Enter one of the following search criteria in the Find/Search box of your PDF reader to view your inspection time frame. Your search criteria will be highlighted and the inspection time frame will be displayed on the right side of the schedule:

  • Street Address (for example 30 Muir)
  • Permit Number (for example BIAD11-123456)
  • Parcel Number (for example 373262004, no dashes)

Requirements for Day of Scheduled Inspection

Please ensure the following to avoid the inspector from canceling the inspection and imposing a RE-INSPECTION fee on your project:

  • Building Permit onsite
  • Reviewed and stamped building plans onsite
  • Representative who is 18 years or older must be onsite to meet the inspector
  • Work is ready for the inspection scheduled
  • Deficiencies found in previous inspections are corrected
  • Access to the work to be inspected

Schedule Inspections by Phone

  • Call (925) 646-4108 to schedule inspection with automated phone system
  • View List of Inspection Codes (PDF)
  • Same day inspections with automated system are accepted until 5:30 AM Monday- Friday.
  • Same day inspection requests left on a voicemail will not be scheduled.

Schedule Inspections Online

Use our ePermit Center to schedule building inspections. Inspection time frame, inspection status and permit history are displayed in real time on our online ePermit Center.

  • You will first need to register for an account and you’ll have access to schedule, reschedule or cancel your inspection. Contractor Registration Form (PDF), Owner-Builder Registration Form (PDF)
  • Provide a contact name and phone number for the day of the inspection when scheduling the inspection.
  • Cancellations and reschedules can be done online before 6:00 AM on the day of the inspection.
  • If you have missed the cut off time to reschedule or cancel an inspection, please call 925-646-4108.