Submitting a Planning Application


The following provides information to help you successfully submit a Planning Application, including what you will need to submit, how to submit it, and who else may need to approve it before you submit. 

Please read the information below carefully. Your project will be delayed if you submit a Planning Application that is incomplete.

There are three permitting categories. If you're unsure of which application you need, review the How-To Guide (Link) to help direct you to the appropriate application process for your project.

  • Minor Application: This application is submitted at the ePermit Center and is often processed administratively, unless a public hearing is requested. The application is for Home Occupation Permits, Property Use Verifications, Substandard Sized Lot Design Reviews, and Kensington Design Reviews.
  • General Applications: All other projects are submitted at the ePermit Center and require additional review by a Planner. Many of these projects are discretionary and require a public hearing prior to approval. The time to process varies significantly, depending on the complexity of the project.
  • Special Administrative Applications: Temporary Event and Short Term Rental Applications are submitted by email the completed application form to [email protected]

Information Regarding the Residential Density Bonus Ordinance and Inclusionary Housing Ordinance


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