Economic Development

Contra Costa County welcomes your business! With its strategic location as The Capital of The Northern California Mega-RegionTM and easy access to your suppliers and customers, Contra Costa is a business destination full of opportunity.

Contra Costa County is home to a wide variety of companies and organizations, reflecting the character of the diverse communities of the East Bay. From urban neighborhoods to rural farms, Contra Costa County is large – and we'll find the perfect spot for your business. You will be in world-class company, as many well-known brands are based here.

With commercial and industrial opportunities close to rail, deep-water ports, two county-owned airports, major freeways, and a range of housing options, get started with your Contra Costa County location by contacting the Economic Development team.

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Economic Development Services and Major Projects

The Economic Development team works to encourage investment and job growth within the unincorporated communities of Contra Costa County, and supports efforts of its cities to grow business within their boundaries. 

Major Projects and Initiatives Include: