Keller Canyon Landfill

Keller Canyon Landfill - Application to Amend Land Use Permit

PROPOSED PROJECT: Application (LP082026) to Amend Land Use Permit 2020-89 Conditions of Approval for the Keller Canyon Landfill 

The Keller Canyon Landfill (KCL) is located at 901 Bailey Road, in unincorporated Contra Costa County near Pittsburg, CA. This proposed project consists of operational changes specified in the application (LP082026) submitted by Keller Canyon Landfill Company (KCLC) requesting to amend the facility’s existing Land Use Permit (LUP 2020-89) Conditions of Approval (PDF).

In 1990, the County Board of Supervisors certified the project environmental impact report (EIR) and approved LUP 2020-89, which was then amended in 2002 (LP012115). Keller Canyon Landfill has been in continuous operation since May 1992. KCLC is requesting that the County modify LUP conditions governing facility operations, but does not propose any changes to the landfill site/boundaries, buildings, or floor plans.

KCLC’s application proposes to modify the existing Conditions of Approval (COA) to increase the current maximum daily tonnage limit for disposal from 3,500 to 4,900 tons per day (TPD). KCLC proposes that the LUP COA be revised to identify a separate maximum daily tonnage limit on organic material accepted for use as alternative daily cover and inert material accepted for beneficial re-use on-site. KCLC proposes that approximately 1,300 TPD of non-landfilled materials be specifically excluded from the daily disposal tonnage limitation. The following daily tonnage limits for non-landfilled materials are also being proposed as part of this application: Green Waste – 500 TPD, Wood Waste – 300 TPD and Inert Material – 500 TPD (includes concrete, asphalt base material).

Other than the above-described proposed changes no other substantive alterations are proposed to the landfill facility design or operations. This includes no changes to facility components such as the waste types to be accepted (Class II), hours of operation, permitted waste disposal boundary, disposal area and maximum fill elevation.The Executive Summary (PDF) submitted with the project application contains detailed information on the proposed changes and supporting technical information. An additional change has been requested by KCLC in a letter dated July 21, 2009 which is considered an official revision to their application (LP082026) to amend KCL’s existing LUP 2020-89 (PDF) that proposes to increase the maximum daily truck trip limit from 320 to 395 (inclusive of truck trips delivering material for disposal or beneficial reuse, excluding clean soil).

The County has determined that the proposed operational changes associated with the proposed LUP amendment should be the subject of a Subsequent EIR (SEIR).

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Revised Notice of Preparation (NOP) & Public Scoping Meeting - 2015

A Revised NOP & Notice of Public Scoping Meeting (PDF) was sent on October 14, 2015 informing agencies and other interested parties of the proposed modification to the Extent of Disturbance (EOD) which would allow for primarily temporary disturbance of soils within 92 acres along the periphery of the existing EOD (see Figure 2 (PDF)) for the purposes described in the Revised NOP (PDF).

Agency/Organization Comments in Response to 2015 NOP:

California Department of Fish and Wildlife (PDF)
California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) (PDF)
City of Pittsburg (PDF)
Dana Dean (PDF)
Della Rocca (PDF)
Evan Edgar (PDF)
Gregory Osorio (PDF)
Millar, Starr & Regalia (PDF)
Save Mt. Diablo (PDF)
County Flood Control (PDF)

Revised Notice of Preparation (NOP) - 2009:

A Revised NOP (PDF) was sent on August 6, 2009 informing agencies and other interested parties of the recent Revision to KCL’s application to amend existing LUP (PDF) proposing to increase the maximum daily truck trip limit.

Notice of Preparation (NOP) & Scoping Meeting - 2008:

An NOP (PDF) was sent to agencies on December 15, 2008 seeking input germane to each agency’s statutory responsibilities pursuant to Section 15082(a) of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines. A Scoping Meeting for Agencies and Organizations was held on January 14, 2009 to obtain input from Responsible and Trustee Agencies regarding the significant environmental issues and reasonable alternatives and mitigation measures which they will need to have explored in the EIR.

Agency/Organization Comments in Response to NOP:

Bay Area Air Quality Management District (PDF)
California Integrated Waste Management Board (PDF)
City of Pittsburg (PDF)
East Bay Regional Parks District (PDF)
Save Mt. Diablo (PDF)

Request for Proposals (RFP) - 2008:

The Department of Conservation & Development (DCD) issued an RFP on December 9, 2008 seeking qualified consultants to conduct an analysis of the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project and to prepare a Supplemental / Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (SEIR).

Preliminary Comments on Project Application submitted by Agencies/Organizations:

Bay Area Air Quality Management District (PDF)
City of Pittsburg (PDF)
Contra Costa Environmental Health (PDF)
Contra Costa Fire Protection District (PDF)
East Bay Regional Parks District (PDF)
Save Mt. Diablo (PDF)