2015 - 2020 Consolidated Plan

What is the Consolidated Plan?

The Contra Costa Consortium (Contra Costa Urban County along with the five largest cities - Anitoch, Concord, Pittsburg, Richmond, and Walnut Creek) developed the FY 2015-2020 Consolidated Plan for the use of CDBG, HOME Investment Partnerships Act (HOME), and Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funds.

The Consolidated Plan looks at the various community development and housing needs in the County and describes strategies that the Consortium plans to employ to:
  • Increase and maintain the supply of affordable housing; 
  • Create a suitable living environment through neighborhood revitalization and improvements in services and public facilities; and 
  • Expand economic opportunities.

Public Input & Hearings

Public Comments have been collected through an online survey and community meetings. The Consolidated Plan incorporates public input from the survey and community meetings.

On May 5, the Board of Supervisors approved the 2015-2020 Consolidated Plan and FY2015/16 Action Plan. You can find links to these plans as well as all other Consortium members’ plans below.
Contra Costa County Board Order

For more information on the five year planning process and other opportunities to participate, please contact the Contra Costa County Department of Conservation and Development at (925) 674-7882.

2015-2020 Consolidated Plan & FY 2015/16 Action Plan

Contra Costa Consortium Needs Assessment
Contra Costa Consortium Strategic Plan
Contra Costa Consortium FY 2015/16 Action Plan
Contra Costa Consortium Appendix A - Citizen Participation & Public Comment
Contra Costa Consortium Appendix B - Additional Tables
Contra Costa Consortium Appendix C - Areas of Minority Concentration
Contra Costa Consortium Appendix D - County Sub-regions Map
Contra Costa Consortium Appendix E - Tax Credit & HUD-Assisted Housing
Contra Costa Consortium Appendix F - Section 8 Voucher Concentration
Contra Costa Consortium Appendix G - Low & Very-Low Income Concentration
Contra Costa Consortium Appendix H - Unemployment Rates
Contra Costa Consortium Certification

Antioch Needs Assessment
Antioch Strategic Plan
Antioch FY 2015/16 Action Plan
Antioch Appendix

Concord Needs Assessment
Concord Strategic Plan
Concord FY 2015/16 Action Plan
Concord Appendix

Pittsburg Needs Assessment
Pittsburg Strategic Plan
Pittsburg FY 2015/16 Action Plan
Pittsburg Appendix

Walnut Creek Needs Assessment
Walnut Creek Strategic Plan
Walnut Creek FY 2015/16 Action Plan
Walnut Creek Appendix

Note: For questions about each jurisdiction’s plan, please contact the appropriate office. Contact information can be found as follows:
Contra Costa County: (925) 674-7880 or (925) 674-7882
Antioch: (925) 779-7037
Concord: (925) 671-3088
Pittsburg: (925) 252-4155
Walnut Creek: (925) 943-5899 ext. 2208


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