Kirker Pass Road Northbound Truck Lane Project

Project Information

Project Number: 0662-6R4052

Project Limits: Concord Pavilion in the City of Concord to northern Hess Road intersection in Contra Costa County

Supervisory District: 4, 5

Thomas Brothers Map Reference: 593, H-4

Project Description: 

The project will improve safety and reduce congestion along Kirker Pass Road by constructing a truck climbing lane in the northbound direction. The project is approximately 1 mile in length, beginning at the Concord Pavilion and ending at the northern Hess Road intersection. Pavement widening is proposed on the east side of the roadway to provide a 12-foot truck lane and 8-foot paved shoulder. Widening will require significant retaining walls due to the existing slopes and drainage adjacent to the roadway. The project also includes pavement rehabilitation on the north and south bound lanes between the City of Concord/County limits to approximately 4,200 feet north of North Hess Road for a total of about 1.6 miles. The total project length is about 2 miles.

Proposed Schedule: 

  • CEQA/NEPA approval received December 2016
  • Final Design completion Summer 2018
  • Construction beginning in 2019

Funding Sources:

Measure J, State Transportation Improvement Program, State Match, Local Funds, Local Streets and Roads Program

Total Project Cost: $21.67 million

An Open House was held on Monday, September 19, 2016 at the Concord Pavilion.

Project Documents: