Subdivisions / Maps

Major Subdivision

A "Major Subdivision" refers to the division of any improved or unimproved land of five (5) or more lots, including condominium projects or community apartment projects (as defined in Section 1350 of the Civil Code and Section 11004 of the Business and Professions Code).

Minor Subdivision

A "Minor Subdivision" refers to a subdivision creating four (4) or fewer new lots.

Final / Parcel Map

Once you have received approval of your Tentative Map, you will need to submit a Final or Parcel Map for the review of the Public Works Department prior to approval by the County Board of Supervisors.

A Final Map is required for Major Subdivisions, and a Parcel Map is required for Minor Subdivisions.

Below are some helpful checklists and documents to assist you in preparing your first submittal to the Public Works Department for review of your Final or Parcel Map.

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