Payment Scheduling through GovHub

Online Payment Scheduling with GovHub

This service is available only for Secured Property Taxes

How Online Payment Scheduling with GovHub Works

  1. Select Pay Online to look up the tax bill for which you wish to schedule a payment.  Select Search method to look up your tax account, then verify the account found is correct. 
  2. Once in the Current Taxes webpage, select the SCHEDULE button for the installment you wish to pay (the first installment must be paid before the second can be selected).  
  3. A pop-up invitation will appear welcoming you to log in / sign up using a unique name and password combination, or your login to any of the following: Apple, Facebook or Google.  Select the Log in/Sign up button.  You will be redirected to a secure website where you will create your GovHub profile.
  4. To create your GovHub profile, you will need to enter your name, your email address and phone number as well as the financial information for the payment method you select.  Once you submit this information, you will receive an email at the address you entered to confirm the creation of your profile
  5. Once you log in to your newly created GovHub profile, you will see the installment information you selected. Under Payment Details enter the date on which you wish the payment to occur. The Payment Amount will be the total amount of the installment plus any applicable services fees.  
  6. Select Next to proceed to Select Payment Method (in case you have more than one method stored), and verify Contact Information.  Then select Next again.
  7. On the last page of the check-out process you will be able to verify the installments you are paying and their subtotal amount, the date you entered for the payment, and the payment method.  You will also be given instructions on how to later modify or cancel your scheduled payments.  If everything is correct, select the Submit button.
  8. At the end a Summary of Your Scheduled Payment is given.  This is your payment confirmation. You should print this information before leaving the page. You will also receive an email confirmation at the email address stored in your GovHub profile.
  9. To later modify your scheduled payment, you will need to go to Pay Online to look up your tax bill and select a MANAGE button under the SCHEDULE column, and sign into GovHub. You can update your payment method, or modify or cancel your scheduled payment.  Under Settings you can also update your contact information.

Can I Schedule a Payment for More than One Item?

Scheduled payments may only include one item. However, once payments are scheduled, users can manage all their payments in the same location, with the GovHub dashboard.

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