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Veterans as First Responders - Still Serving

Join us as we explore the strong link between careers in the military and public service. Guests include Brandon Correia of the California Highway Patrol and Jeremy Salizzoni of Cal Fire.

Preventing Violence

Veterans’ Voices examines the roots and solutions to violence in our communities. Hear from experts on domestic violence, road rage, and violence prevention.

Hearing Loss

Join us as we talk about hearing loss and Veterans. Guests will include Veterans who suffer from some of the most common hearing issues that people face after military service.

Meet The Authors

Join us as we talk to authors who have served, and how it has impacted their writing.

Going Back to Combat Zones

Join us as we learn about what it mans to veterans who revisit the combat zones they served in. Hear from vets on their recent trip to Vietnam.

Firearms Access: A Loaded Topic Part 2

Join us for part two of an ongoing discussion about the second amendment in light of recent mass shootings, conversations in society about "gun control", and how military service and other experiences may impact those beliefs.

Firearms Access: A Loaded Topic Part 1

Join us for part 1 of "A Loaded Topic" a discussion on gun control, mental health, and potential impacts on veterans and their families.

Honor Flights

Join us for as we discuss honor flights, exploring the purpose, tradition, and meaning behind them.

Re-Directing the Warrior

Join us as we explore programs that help veterans reconnect with themselves and their communities in "Redirecting the Warrior".