Contra Costa County Water Agency

The Contra Costa County Water Agency is governed by the Board of Supervisors and advises the Board on Water Policy that may affect the County. 

The Water Agency advocates on the local, State and Federal levels to protect and improve the water quality, flows and the overall health of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (Delta). The Delta relies on California’s two biggest rivers, the Sacramento and San Joaquin, and is the largest estuary on the West Coast. East Contra Costa County covers a large area within the southwestern Delta. The entire northern border of the County is bound by waterfront that flows from the Delta to the San Francisco Bay. The County is the ninth most populous county in California, with more the one million residents.  

A healthy, vibrant Delta Estuary is, therefore, closely tied to the physical, societal and economic health of those who live, work and recreate in the San Francisco Bay-Delta region and throughout much of the state. These natural features are the basis for not only the County's identity and quality of life but also our economic vitality. The Delta is the sole water source for half of the County and is relied upon to provide high-quality water to municipal and industrial users. It provides a source of livelihood for fishing, farming and recreation.

Today, the Delta ecosystem finds itself in jeopardy and current operational practices are not sustainable. Coupled with a changing climate and rising sea levels, water managers at all levels of government must adapt their operations to reverse the significant decline in the health of the Delta. To that end, the County is proactive in its advocacy for developing new strategies that take water from the Delta when water is in surplus to the environmental, municipal and agricultural needs of those who reside in the Delta. An essential part of that strategy is the ability to export and store water captured during periods of high flows in the Delta so that the current level of exports during drier months can be substantially decreased. The Delta ecosystem and water quality are most vulnerable during drier months when flows are very low.

Working for a Healthy Delta

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Our Work - County Water Policy and Current Issues

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  2. The Delta Conveyance Project
  3. East Contra Costa Groundwater

County Water Policy

The quality and quantity of Delta water that flows through the Delta and the health of the Delta ecosystem are of major importance to the County and its residents. So, Contra Costa County has developed the Delta Water Platform to identify and promote activities and policy positions that support the creation of a healthy Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.
View Delta Water Platform (PDF)

The Contra Costa County Water Agency is also a member of the Delta County Coalition (DCC) to advocate for Delta-related issues of interest to all members of the the DCC.The other members of the DCC are Solano County, Yolo County, San Joaquin County and Sacramento County.

View DCC 12 Principles (PDF)

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