Welcome to the Flood Control District


Contra Costa County Flood Control District releases the Capital Improvement Plan for Public Comment: September 13, 2021 to October 29, 2021

The Flood Control Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) provides a 7-year outlook on the District’s capital activities in support of the regional, long-range development and related flood control projects.  It is a programming document for the funding of capital flood control projects within the Contra Costa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District. View the document here: (https://www.contracosta.ca.gov/5736/Capital-Improvement-Program).

Please provide comments to Gus Amirzehni by email by October 29, 2021.

The Flood Control and Water Conservation District covers all of Contra Costa County, including its cities, and owns property throughout the county for the purpose of constructing and maintaining regional flood control facilities, including approximately 79 miles of channels, creeks, and other drainage and 30 detention basins and dams. 

The District was formed in 1951, and has been protecting the communities of Contra Costa County ever since. The District offers regional flood protection, and also provides technical information and education to cities and residents. Its operations are primarily funded through property taxes and developer fees. Please explore our website to learn more about the services that the District offers.


The Flood Control District works to reduce flood risk, promote stormwater quality and restore and enhance natural resource in an environmentally sensitive manner for the communities throughout Contra Costa County.


We proactively work with communities, agencies, regulators, and other stakeholders to:

Provide for safety through flood control protection facilities and programs.

Improve our environment by sustaining and enhancing water quality in our watersheds.

Market and deliver high quality services.

Establish trust by being accountable for our actions and honoring our commitments.

Establish and maintain a mutual understanding of each other's interest.

Increase public awareness and understanding of Flood Control and Clean Water Programs.

Allocate our resources based on a planned program of improvement.

Update our plans and programs to balance the needs of all stakeholders.


We have adopted the values of the Contra Costa County Public Works Department.

If you need a County Drainage 1010 or Flood Control encroachment permit, please call 925-374-2136 (Permit Center) or 925-313-2000 (ask for the Flood Control Counter Duty staff member) for further assistance. Permit applications and our insurance requirements can be found at: https://www.contracosta.ca.gov/5783/Permits 

If you need to report flooding in the unincorporated county, please contact our Maintenance division at 925-313-7000. If you have drainage fee questions, please call 925-313-2000 and ask for the Flood Control Counter Duty staff member.

We can also be reached by email. Please visit the general Public Works Department page for postings of general information and office hours.