The Flood Control District (FC District) partners with Contra Costa County, Cities, and the Community on various projects that fulfill the FC District's mission to reduce flood risk, promote stormwater quality and restore and enhance natural resource in an environmentally sensitive manner for the communities throughout Contra Costa County. 

Flood Control Zones 

The Flood Control District is comprised of zones and each zone has a unique set of needs. Active zones have a project that was built by either the US Army Corps of Engineers or Soil Conservation Corps. 

Giving Natives a Chance

Giving Natives a Chance is an ongoing collaboration between the Flood Control District and The Restoration Trust to reintroduce native grasses back into Flood Control Channels. Since 2013 hundreds of volunteers have supported Giving Natives a Chance by helping to plant native grasses in the channels. The reintroduction of native grasses into the channel has provided erosion protection, fire suppression, and carbon sequestration. 

Lower Walnut Creek Restoration

The Lower Walnut Creek Restoration is a multi-benefit project restoring coastal wetlands and improving habitats from the mouth of the Walnut Creek at Suisun Bay. At its completion, the Lower Walnut Creek Restoration will provide critical flood protection in a way that is more compatible with the plants and animals.