New Property Owners

Fiscal Tax Year

The County's fiscal tax year runs from July 1 of one year through June 30 of the next year. It is a twelve-month period of accounting and taxation for the purpose of conducting business with and rendering service to the public.

Annual Secured Property Tax Bill The annual Secured property tax bill is mailed once a year by November 1st and the taxes are paid in two installments using the coupons attached to the bill.

  • 1st installment payment is due November 1, and is delinquent December 10. It covers taxes for the period July 1 to December 31.
  • 2nd installment payment is due February 1, and is delinquent April 10. It covers taxes for the period January 1 to June 30.

As a new owner you may not receive a bill since it is mailed out only once a year. If you recently bought property, you should contact our office to find out the tax status and obtain a copy of the bill. If you know your Assessor's Parcel Number or APN, you can Look Up your Account and Pay your Taxes on line. Failure to receive a tax bill neither relieves you of your responsibility to pay taxes on time, nor does it excuse late-payment penalties.

Supplemental Property Tax Bill

The Supplemental property tax bill is in addition to the regular secured tax bill. It does not replace the regular secured tax bill. Do not ignore your Supplemental bill. Supplemental bills are sent only to the property owner, even if you have an impound account with your lender.

A supplemental bill is a one-time additional tax bill triggered by your purchase or new construction and covers taxes on the increased value caused by the purchase or construction. A supplemental assessment is the difference between the new base value and the old base value. The increased taxable value will be incorporated into future annual Secured tax bills following the Supplemental billing. You can estimate your supplemental taxes by going to Supplemental Tax Estimator.

"Information Copy Only" Secured Tax Bill

If your lender pays your taxes for you, you will receive an "information copy only" tax bill. This is what you will receive each year as long as your lender pays your taxes.

In your first year as new owner you may receive an "information copy only" tax bill that was a result of the previous owners' arrangement with their lender. To be sure your lender has the correct information, you should call them immediately about the bill.

If you receive a regular tax bill without the title "Information Copy Only" and your lender is supposed to pay your taxes, call your lender to see if they have the correct information. They may ask you to send them a copy of the tax bill.

Homeowner's Exemption

If you own and occupy the property as your principal place of residence, you are eligible for a Homeowners' Exemption of $7,000 in assessed value for that property. The exemption will reduce the annual property tax bill by at least $70 each year.

Within several months of your home purchase the Assessor's Office will send you an application for the exemption. Complete and return the application as soon as possible in order for the reduction to be included in future assessments.