Arts Café

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Best Practice, workshops, lectures, discussions and demonstrations on a variety of topics pertaining to the arts held at locations throughout the County, including many in collaboration with the Art of Health & Healing, an organization of the County Health Department.


Virtual 100  - June 2020 - July 2020

The Arts and Culture Commission is proud to announce the first Virtual Artist Cafe!

When schools transitioned to distance learning, many art students no longer had a place to display their work as all art exhibitions were canceled. Carolyn Considine, a high school student who resides in Lafayette, came up with a solution – a virtual Arts Café. 

This exhibit showcases work from over 100 high school and college prep schools, spanning across 27 different high schools in Contra Costa County.

Link to the Virtual Arts Cafe -


Discussion 100  - July 2020 

In July, Miss Considine, who curating this exhibit, will moderator an online discussion with six artists exhibiting artwork in this show. Join us as this Arts Cafe inspires and engage us from the comfort of home.