District Overview

The Contra Costa County Flood Control & Water Conservation District provides a wide variety of services related to our primary mission of working to provide flood protection for citizens of Contra Costa County. 

Flood Control Planning and Maintenance
  • Conceptual planning for regional drainage systems
  • Development of federal flood control projects
  • Prioritization of flood control maintenance activities
Development Reviewand Infrastructure Financing Fees
  • Development and monitoring of drainage fee determinations
  • Recommendation of drainage improvements
Standards and Problems
  • Development of flood control standards
  • Addressing drainage complaints and requests for advice by the general public
Data Collection and Modeling
  • Collection and analysis of precipitation and runoff data
  • Preparation of hydrology and hydraulic models
Technical Review
  • Review of drainage aspects of land development applications
  • Review of flood control and drainage permit applications
  • Review of environmental impact documents
  • Review of projects for regional drainage impacts and mitigations