Project Review & Permits

Current Development section staff reviews:
  • Environmental submissions from start to finish and comment on the project impacts to regional drainage and Contra Costa County Flood Control & Water Conservation District (FC District) facilities from a physical and hydrologic viewpoint.
  • Review the proposed project impacts on planned and existing Drainage Area and Zone Facilities capacity to provide flood protection.

Current Development section staff also reviews tentative maps and recommends conditions of approval to city and Contra Costa County (County) planning departments. They review improvement plans for compliance to conditions of approval and impacts on planned or existing Drainage Area and Zone facilities capacity.

The section aims to provide a three-week turn around for most application submitted. The section coordinates with Public Works staff and other city and County departments in review of the project applications. The section may also conduct meetings and field review of any proposed project.

Extensive reviews will require participation in the FC District Fee-for-Service Program.