Drainage Permit
Permits for work that affect private and public drainage systems.
The 1010 Drainage Ordinance of Contra Costa County (County) regulates work on watercourses and drainage facilities in the unincorporated County areas. Any work that involves man-made drainage facilities or natural watercourses may require a drainage permit from the County.

Some of the activities covered by this permit requirement include:
  • Construction of creek improvements or bank stabilization
  • Creek cleanup
  • Removal / alteration of creek bank-stabilizing vegetation
  • Construction of improvements within drainage easements or within natural watercourses
  • Construction / modification of drainage facilities

Flood Control Encroachment Permit 
Permit for work in/on Flood Control District property or right of way.
The Contra Costa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (District) owns properties, flood control channels, and drainage facilities in the unincorporated County and Cities.

The District requires a Flood Control Permit for all activities and encroachments within District rights of way. The District also requires an environmental document be adopted for most Flood Control Permit applications.

Permit Submission and Review
Applicants can obtain application forms and other informational documents from this website or the County’s Application and Permit Center located at:
30 Muir Road
Martinez, CA 94553
The contact person is Bob Hendry at (925) 674-7744.

At the initial step, applicants are required to fill out and submit an application form, provide an initial cash deposit of $1,400 to pay for review and/or inspection costs, and submit three sets of engineered plans (if applicable). In most cases, a cash bond is required for permits.

The Flood Control DivisionCurrent Development Section (Section) reviews and issues Drainage and Flood Control Permits. 

The Section coordinates with Public Works staff and other County Departments in review of the permit applications. The Section also works with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for review and approval of work proposed on facilities constructed by the Corps. The Section may also conduct meetings and field review of any proposed project. The Public Works Construction Division provides inspection services for Drainage and Flood Control Permits, and the Accounting Division provides fee collection services.

Applicants are advised that any activity and work within watercourses and within flood control facilities may be subject to the requirements of the California Department of Fish and Game, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Regional Water Quality Control Board, and other environmental regulatory agencies.