Reports & Documents

Click on the links below to view reports and documents associated with the Lower Walnut Creek Restoration Project.  These documents are provided for general information documents are located at the Lower Walnut Creek Restoration Project bid page.

Recent Documents

Year 2 Monitoring Report-January 2024 (PDF)
Year 1 Monitoring Report-January 2023 (PDF)


Monitoring and Adaptive Management Plan (MAMP) August 2020 (PDF)

Planning & Design 

Project Study Report (December 2017) (PDF)
Feasibility Study (April 2017) (PDF)
Map of Preliminary Study Area (PDF)
2014 Vision Statement (PDF)

Fish & Fauna

Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse Technical Memorandum (October 2018) (PDF)
2004 JSA Data Summary Report for Baseline Surveys of Anadromous Fish Habitat in Lower Walnut Creek (PDF) (94 MB)
2006_JSA Spawning Escapement Survey (PDF) (72 KB)
2007 JSA Final Data Summary Report for Chinook Salmon Spawning Escapement and Fry Emergence in LWC (PDF) (18.8 MB)


Existing Habitats DRAFT May 2017 (PDF)
2005 JSA Botanical Report for the Lower Walnut Creek Channel Restoration Project (PDF) (37.4 MB)
2005 JSA Final Delineation of Waters of the United Stated Including Wetlands for the LWC Channel Restoration Project (PDF) (81.9 MB)
2005_JSA Upper WC Habitat Assessment - Photos (PDF) (1.3 MB)
2005_JSA Upper WC Habitat Assessment report (PDF) (1.8 MB)
2004 NRM Wildlife Habitat Assessment for the Lower Walnut Creek Channel Restoration Project (PDF)


CEQA Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Plan (PDF)
Complete Project CEQA Document page


2004 Pacheco Marsh Restoration Final Report (PDF)

IT Site Closure Plans

2007 IT Site Closure Plan Report Flood protection measures 6-11-07 (PDF)
2007 IT Site Closure Plan Appendix (PDF)


1972 Letter Supplement2 to DM1 - LWC Dredge Design Report (PDF) (1 MB)
1972 USGS Sediment Transport (PDF) (1.4 MB)
1994 ENGEO Sediment Report Lower Walnut Creek (PDF) (20.4 MB)
2005 CCCFCWCD Results of Sediment Survey for Lower Walnut Creek (PDF) (2.9 MB)
2007 Walnut Creek Final Sediment Sampling Report 5-11-07 (PDF) (1.2 MB)
2009 MBH - Walnut Creek Field Observations (PDF) (94 KB)
2010 Teeter Walnut Creek Analysis Final (PDF) (824 KB)
2011 LWC Thalweg Profiles (PDF) (70 KB)
2011 Sediment Deposition Analysis - As Built DTMS65 95 05 07272011 (PDF) (4.6 MB)
2011 Sediment Transects (PDF) (261 KB)
2012 MBH - Walnut Creek Sediment Study Final (PDF) (3.9 MB)

Selective Deauthorization

January 2013 Board Action Exploring Selective Deauthorization (PDF)
June 2013 Board Action Approving Selective Deauthorization (PDF)

Hydraulic Model

Existing Conditions (HECRAS) (zip file)