Three Creeks Parkway Project

Summary: In July 2015, we launched the $2 million Three Creeks Parkway Project in Brentwood, a multi-agency public-private partnership to transform 1/4 mile of Marsh Creek flood control channel into high quality salmon and riparian habitat, with enhanced public access. Since then, the project has expanded to restore ¾ mile in length and cost $9.0 million. Over $5.9 million outside funding has been obtained to date including: $1 million from Pulte Homes, $744,000 from State Department of Water Resources, $496,000 from CA River Parkways, $1,835,000 from the Delta Conservancy, and $1,376,000 from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In 2018, planning and environmental studies were completed.

Project Description:

The Three Creeks Parkway Project is a multi-benefit flood control, creek restoration, and public access project. It will improve approximately 4,000 linear feet of Marsh Creek located in Brentwood, California by widening the channel with a floodplain bench and planting with native vegetation. The project limits are from the Union Pacific Railroad bridge to upstream of Dainty Avenue. When implementation is complete, the project site will include 2.1 acres of frequently inundated floodplain (seasonal wetland) and 4.4 acres of woody riparian vegetation. This will provide quality habitat for Chinook Salmon and Swainson's Hawk. The project will also improve recreation and educational opportunities in this reach of Marsh Creek.

Project Goals:

  • Expand the channel to allow for floodplain and riparian habitat while minimizing the need for future long-term maintenance and satisfying the Flood Control District's flood capacity and maintenance requirements
  • Create a parkway setting that is landscaped entirely with California native plants and trees and enhance the trail-user experience to advance the goals of the East County Habitat Conservation Plan and the City of Brentwood's Parks, Trails and Recreation Master Plan and Creek Trails and Revegetation Master Plan
  • Supplement funding, streamline permitting, and accelerate implementation of Flood Control's Phase II and Phase III Marsh Creek Widening Projects by combining the adjacent project sites
  • Advance a vision that will transform the current facility into a sustainable system that works with nature, not against it, provides more recreational opportunities, improves habitat for fish and wildlife and reduces flood risk.
  • Implement a flood channel restoration project that will serve as a model to advance the Flood Control District's 50 Year Plan and the desire to implement an overall sustainable system.

Preliminary Plan

Three Creeks Map

Funding: Over $5.9 million outside funding has been obtained to date including: 

  • $496,000 from CA River Parkways
  • $744,000 from the State Department of Water Resources
  • $1 million from the adjacent developer, Pulte Homes, as a condition of approval by the City of Brentwood when it granted a permit to build more than 400 single-family homes on 77 acres adjacent to the creek.
  •  $1,376,000 from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 
  • $1,835,000 from the Delta Conservancy

Background: Although much of the watershed has been constrained by urbanization, the Project site is the longest remaining stretch of undeveloped land along the creek where there is still an opportunity to widen the channel to provide a more natural creek system connected to the historic floodplain, and also enjoyed by trail users. Not far from downtown Brentwood, the project represents more than a decade of public and private partnership work to get to this point. This project is a partnership between American Rivers and the Flood Control District. The City of Brentwood is also a strong proponent of the project.