Participate in Poetry Out Loud

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The Poetry Out Loud program seeks to foster the next generation of literary readers by capitalizing on the latest trends in poetry: recitation and performance. Poetry Out Loud competitions start in the classroom, then at the school, region, state, and national finals, similar to the structure of the spelling bee. The national initiative is part of an attempt to bring literary arts to students, a critical need in U.S. schools, according to a 2004 NEA report Reading at Risk that found a dramatic decline in literary reading, especially among younger readers.

Important Dates 2020 -2021


To be determined


Sacramento: To be determined


Washington DC: To be determined


The Arts & Culture Commission of Contra Costa County is proud to be your local sponsor of Poetry Out Loud. Let the memorizing begin!

New School

If any school wishes to participate please call the AC5 office at (925) 646-2278

Poetry Out Loud Coordinator, Robin Moore, works with each school to assist teachers, library staff, or others who want to set up a poetry competition. We can even supply a Teaching Poet to coach your students.

With our POL Coordinator, a Teaching Poet and YOUR help, your students can experience this great program. Contact us now for the 2020-21 school year!