Contra Costa County Humanitarian of the Year Award

Cheryl Sudduth Contra Costa County Supervisors with Adult Humanitarian of the Year Cheryl Sudduth

2023 Humanitarian of The Year

Mamí. Activist. Mentor. Community Leader. Organizer. Disabilities Rights Advocate. Justice Guerrera/Justice Warrior. Cheryl Sudduth. Ms. Sudduth is a Senior Government Contracts & Compliance Professional, International Negotiator, Mediator, and Compliance Officer, with nearly 30 years of business and legal experience, serving in a broad array of senior management roles in the commercial, private & public sectors. 

A University of Illinois alum (Cellular & Molecular Biology and Biochemistry), she is a committed environmental scientist. Serving as an elected Director on the West County Wastewater District Board since 2018, she currently serves as Board President and as (Acting) Chair of the affiliated West County Agency (City of Richmond joint partnership). Ms. Sudduth has written, supported, and advanced legislation that has changed the lives of working-class and impoverished people in our region and throughout the state, traveling regularly to Sacramento & Washington D.C. to advocate passage of bills that promote equity and access to just educational systems, economic dignity, healthcare benefits, a values-based budget, second-chances, and true environmental justice. 

As a member of Climate Leaders, 350 Bay Area & 350 Contra Costa & several other environmental groups, including a community monitoring group for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), she strongly advocated for and helped pass the nation’s most health-protective air regulations & greenhouse gas reduction measures. Additionally, her diligence in seeking solutions to community issues has shown successful direct political and policy advocacy for the unseen, the unheard, the uncounted…by building coalitions, steering committees, and working with advocacy groups. 

Ms. Sudduth has received numerous awards and honors for her community work including her unwavering commitment to environmental justice and empowerment of our communities and volunteers regularly for Women in STEM, Girls in Science, fundraising activities benefiting Sickle Cell Anemia research, and meets regularly with State and Federal Legislators as a community advisor to discuss regional, state and national issues and provide viable frontline solutions from the voices of our community. Ms. Sudduth works to empower our young people through mentoring and coaching 2200+ youth over 25+ years.

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