Pay by Mail


The due date for tax payments is printed on the coupon attached to the bottom of the bill. Full payment must be received by the due date in order to be credited on time. No partial payments will be accepted. Payments for less than the amount due at the time of payment will be returned to the maker. A penalty and administrative cost will be assessed for payments received late.

How to Pay by Mail

  • Homeowners should check with their title or mortgage company before sending in a payment for the first time on a recently purchased or refinanced property in order to avoid duplicate payment.
  • Mail your check payment(s) using the return envelope provided with your bill. Do not send cash!
  • Partial payments are not acceptable. Payments must be for the full amount of the taxes due as shown on the coupon.
  • The first coupon must be used for payment before the second coupon. Both coupons must be sent together if paying the entire bill at one time.
  • If sending multiple checks for payment, be sure the total equals the amount due and all checks are included with the coupon(s) in the same envelope.
  • Send only the payment coupon with your check and keep the top portion of the tax bill for your records. If you do not have a tax bill, but know the 10-digit parcel number, you may mail a payment without an original tax bill as long as the parcel number is on the face of the check(s).
  • NEVER staple, fold, paper clip, tape, or glue your check to the coupon nor write on or mark on the front or back of the coupon.
  • Each check should include the following to ensure proper posting of payment and will help us contact you if we have a question about your payment:
    • Name (or the name of the taxpayer on whose behalf a mortgage or title company is paying)
    • Property location (with unit number, if needed)
    • 10-digit APN for Secured, Supplemental and Redemption bills
    • Account Number for Unsecured bills
    • Phone number
    • Your email address (if available)
  • If submitting a tax payment without a coupon, send it to:
    County Tax Collector
    PO Box 631
    Martinez, CA 94553-0063
    Otherwise, send both your check(s) and coupon(s) in the courtesy reply envelope provided with the tax bill.
  • Your canceled check is your receipt. Within a week, verify that your check clears with your bank. In addition, verify the posting of your tax payment at this Web site by clicking on "Account Lookup" and entering the 10-digit APN.
  • Under state law, only U.S. postmarks (not metered dates) may be used to determine whether payments are timely and whether penalties are due.

View a sample check (PDF).

Please note: Mail-in payments will be returned if amount of check(s) is not equal to the amount due at the time of receipt, or if there is not sufficient billing information for which the payment is intended.