2016 Awards


Local Artist and Organizations honored at the 2016 Recognition Awards:

Richmond RYSE Center: Works with youth from distressed parts of the City of Richmond. The youth have written, directed and performed multi-media plays dealing with violence, drugs and crime creating platforms for youth to share their own stories and dreams.

Sylvia Amorino and Solo Opera: Sylvia Amorino is the Founder and Artistic Director of Solo Opera. Ms Amorino also works with Cantabella Children’s Chorus and Contra Costa Children’s chorus to perform operas that include children and teens that help teach audience, adults and children alike about social aspects of living.

Michael and Shannon Demers: Shannon and Mike have shared their talents and skills to Productions Teams, casts and crews for a collective 70 years; with many of the Performing Arts organizations throughout the area; including Contra Costa Musical Theater, Diablo Theatre Company, and Fantasy Forum Actors Ensemble.

Jay Bedecarre: Mr. Bedecarre has been involved in the Contra Costa County Art Scene since 1974. He was the Marketing Director for the Concord Pavilion for the first 12 years, Oakland and SF Ballets, and world famous acts such as NY Philharmonic with Leonard Bernstein.

Lawrence Kohl: Lawrence Kohl was president of the Orinda Art Council as well as music director and conductor of the Pacific Chamber Symphony. Lawrence recently led the expansion of the Orinda Art Council to become the Lamorinda Arts Council.