Keeping Your Pet in Your Home

Surrendering your pet should be a last resort. Before you surrender your pet to a local animal shelter, consider other options that are available to help you keep your pet. Often, the issue that becomes the reason an animal is surrendered to a shelter is easily resolvable - and we can help you with that.

Common Issues that Lead to Animal Surrender

  • Animal Behavior Issues
  • Financial & Other Domestic Issues
  • Relocation Issues

We have listed below a number of helpful resources to support you in keeping your pet. 

Resources for Animal Behavior Issues

Click on the headers below to learn more about the resources listed.

Free Pet Behavior Helpline for Dogs and Cats (SSPCA)
A free helpline to support pet owners in troubleshooting animal behavior issues.

Denver Dumb Friends League Behavior Helpline
A free service that provides one hour consultations to pet owners with their pet's behavior issues.

Contra Costa County Animal Services Department Behavior Page
Provides helpful information and resources about animal introductions and common animal behavior issues.

Online Animal Behavior Support Library (Denver Dumb Friends League)
A comprehensive library of articles and handouts to help dog and cat owners address the most common behavior issues.

Pet Care & Behavior Library (ARF)
Articles and fact sheets addressing common topics on training and management of dogs and cats.

Resources for Financial & Domestic Issues

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Pet Food Assistance Resources

East Bay SPCA Pet Food Pantry
Contra Costa County Residents can visit the East Bay SPCA's pet food pantry to receive supplemental food to help their dogs and cats.

Contra Costa Humane Society's AniMeals Program
AniMeals Pet Food Bank provides supplemental pet food assistance to financially challenged families and individuals in Contra Costa County.

Berkeley Humane Pet Food Pantry
Berkeley Humane's pet food pantry program free pet food to low-income pet guardians in Alameda and Contra Costa County.

Furry Friends Food Relief Program
Assists financially challenged families and the homeless in Contra Costa County with free dog and cat food.

ARF FoodShare
Program supplying donated pet food to qualifying guardians in Contra Costa County. (Currently unable to accept new applicants)

Veterinary Assistance & Medication Resources

*Be sure to ask your veterinarian about financial assistance resources that they are aware of. 

ARF Emergency Medical Fund
Provides residents of Contra Costa County with affordable, high-quality non-emergency veterinary care for their pets during times of financial crisis. (Currently unable to accept new applicants)

Care Credit
Provides pre-approved loans to participating veterinarians to be paid back in monthly payments.

Compassionate At-Home Pet Euthanasia Service. A network of licensed and trusted veterinarians that offer at-home pet euthanasia services.

The Pet Fund
Provides assistance to owners of domestic animals that require veterinary care.

The Mosby Foundation
The Mosby Foundation provides financial assistance for sick animals.

PetMeds Cares
PetMeds Cares' primary focus is organizing donations of over-the-counter medications and products to U.S animal shelters and rescues.

Resources About Pets and Your Children

Children & Dogs (SSPCA)
Helpful information that teaches best practices for having dogs around your children.

Pets & Your New Baby (SSPCA)
Helpful information that will prepare you for introducing your pets to your newest family member.

Diapers & Dogs Workshops (ARF)
Workshops to help new and expectant parents integrate the family dog into life with a new baby.

Domestic Abuse Pet Support Resources

RedRover offers financial assistance for victims of domestic violence through its Safe Escape program. Their goal is to allow victims to escape an abusive situation without having to leave their pets behind.

Humane Society of the United States Pet-Friendly DV Shelter Directory
HSUS provides a directory of domestic violence abuse shelters that allow pets.

Relocation Resources

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Renting/Moving with Your Pet allows you to search for apartments in your area that allow pets.

People with Pets National Directory of Pet-Friendly Apartments offers a national directory of pet-friendly apartments. Tip Sheet provides a great tip sheet for best practices when moving with your pet.

Pets in Rental Housing Resources (Humane Society)
Provides resources and information to help pet owners find good housing options and keep their pets, if housing issues arise.

Fair Housing Act & Assistance Animals (Humane Society)
Provides answers to frequently asked questions about assistance animals and renting.

Military Deployment Pet Boarding Resources

Dogs on Deployment
Dogs on Deployment provides boarding assistance for military members while they are deployed or have other service commitments.

Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pets
Assists service members on active duty, wounded warriors and their pets through various assistance programs.

Sugarland Ranch
Offers a military deployment boarding program for service members deployed to combat areas.

If you still need assistance, please visit our Surrendering Your Pet page.