Tara Hills Pedestrian Infrastructure

Project Information

Project Number:  0662-6R4211 

Project Description: The project consists of installing 26 curb ramps in the Tara Hills residential area. The curb ramps will be placed on Shamrock Drive, Dolan Way, and Flannery Road. Bulb-outs will be installed at the intersection of Dolan Way and Flannery Road. Other project work includes drainage modifications, sign replacement, and thermoplastic striping and markings. 

General Location: In the community of Tara Hills in between the Cities of Richmond and Pinole along Shamrock Drive, Dolan Way, and Flannery Road
Supervisory District: Number 1
Project Location: Tara Hills
Contractor: Pacific Infrastructure Construction, LLC 
Project Engineer: John Suemnick
Phone: (925) 595-6010
Funding Source: Gas Tax, Measure J 
Start Date: September 3, 201930
Estimated Completion Date: October 15, 2019

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