Career Opportunities

Periodically, the Department of Agriculture and Weights and Measures recruits for positions within our office. Working in this Department provides an opportunity to serve the agricultural community, local businesses and public in a variety of interesting and valuable ways. 

Current openings:

Agriculture Biologist I

Pest Detection Specialist - Project

Weed and Vertebrate Pest Control Technician – Project

As an Agricultural Biologist I and Agricultural Biologist II, you will enforce pesticide regulations, inspecBiologist_inspecting_nurseryFarmers’ Markets, ensure that invasive and damaging pests do not spread through channels of trade and perform a variety of other inspections and tasks that provide important services to the agricultural community. These positions require agricultural licenses from the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA). CDFA has , as well as study materials and other important information under the County Licensing Exams section. 

Our Weights and Measures Inspector I and Weights and Measures Inspector II perform inspections on a variety of scales Inspector Checking Prices Opens in new windowand devices at businesses throughout the county, including gas stations, taxis, grocery stores and retail stores with scanning price verification to ensure that consumers are charged the correct price for the quantity or service that they require and that businesses are held to the same standards of practice. They also receive, inspect and seal certain meters and scales to ensure accuracy and oversee registrations of specific devices throughout the county. These positions require Weights and Measures inspector licenses from (CDFA). CDFA has information on the qualifications necessary to take the exam, as well as study materials and other important information under the County Licensing Exams section. 

The Agricultural Biologist/Weights and Measures Inspector III is a senior job position that provides lead direction and training in countywide departmental programs and conduct a wide variety of inspections in both agricultural and Weights and Measures programs. To qualify for this position, all eight county licenses are required.

The Agricultural and Standards Aides support both the Agricultural Biologists and Weights and Measures Inspectors by providing technical program assistance and support to various contracts and programs. Much of their time throughout the year is spent supporting important functions of the Pest Detection Trapping program. No county licensing exams are required to qualify for this position.

Our Pest Detection Specialists deploy and service insect traps throughout populated areas of the county  to monitor for invasive insecPest Detection Mc Phail Trapt pests that are detrimental to agriculture and the environment. These positions are seasonal, and generally run for about eight months from early spring until the end of November. No county licensing exams are required to qualify for this position. If you have applied for the position, please familiarize yourself with the study materials before you come in for an interview.

The Weed and Vertebrate Pest Control Technician assists Agricultural Biologists and other staff to perform noxious weed and ground squirrel control throughout the county. The noxious weed control activities are performed on county rangeland areas between February and June. The work involves riding an ATV and hiking in remote areas to primarily identify and treat artichoke thistle and purple starthistle. Vertebrate pest control is performed from July through September around critical county infrastructure and roadsides, and involves loading and applying bait. The position requires the candidate to work outside on a daily basis. No county licensing exams are required to qualify for this position.

If you are interested in receiving notifications when the department is recruiting for the Deputy Agricultural Commissioner, Deputy Sealer of Weights and Measures Inspector, Assistant Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights and Measures, or Agricultural Commissioner/Director of Weights and Measures positions, simply click on the link and subscribe at the top right of the position information window.


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