Warrant (Check) Questions

I received a check from the county and lost it. What should I do?

For lost or stolen checks, contact our office immediately at 925-608-9360. We will verify our records regarding the status of the check and a Lost and Destroyed Warrant Certificate (Form M262) will be sent to you. The form contains all the necessary check information and a statement claiming that you have received no benefit of value from the proceeds of the check. Upon receipt of the completed form, we will place a stop payment on the check and initiate the process of replacement. If your check is reported as stolen, a stop payment is immediately placed.

Our company delivered the goods and/or services to the county and they have forwarded the documents to Accounts Payable for processing. How soon should I receive payment?

Upon receipt of the documents, you may expect payment within 10 working days. Accounts Payable generates checks (warrants) an average of 12 times per month.

I found an uncashed check that the County issued to me. It is over six months old. What should I do?

If the face of the check says, "Void Six Months After Date of Issue," you should send the check to our office. Note that it is "stale dated" and request that we replace it. Your request should be mailed to:

Auditor-Controller's Office
Attention: General Accounting
625 Court Street, Room 103
Martinez, CA 94553