General Property Tax Questions

What are the different types of tax bills?

  1. Secured tax bills are for your home, vacant land, and commercial property. These are real estate taxes and are liens on real properties.
  2. Redemption (Delinquent) tax bills are for unpaid prior year secured tax bills and unpaid supplemental tax bills. When secured and supplemental taxes remain unpaid at the end of the fiscal year (June 30th) they become tax-defaulted. Properties that remain in tax-defaulted status for five years or more may be sold at public auction or otherwise conveyed to new ownership.
  3. Unsecured tax bills are for your aircraft, boats, business personal property, and pro-rated supplemental tax bills for properties you previously owned. These taxes are liens on the assessed owner of the properties.
  4. Supplemental tax bills are for taxes on the increase in assessed value, prorated from the date of change in ownership or date of completion of new construction to the end of the Fiscal Year. They are in addition to the original secured tax bills of the properties.

When is my tax bill available?

  1. Secured bills are available in October.
  2. Redemption (Delinquent) bills are available in July.
  3. Unsecured bills are available in July.
  4. Supplemental bills are available sixty (60) days from the Supplemental Notification Date.

Where can I view my tax bill?

The Tax Collector's account lookup website has your bill information.

How will my property taxes change when I sell my property?

The tax bill will be issued to the owner as of the lien date January 1. Disposal, removal, or sale of the assets after the lien date will not affect the tax bill. No prorations are made by the tax collector on unsecured property taxes. Any pro-ration is strictly a private matter between buyer and seller. The owner of record as of January 1 is responsible for payment and will be liened if the bill is not paid. You should also contact the Assessor's Office at (925) 313-7400 to ensure the ownership of record has been updated. Failure to do so could result in future billings and liens.

When can I expect to receive a corrected tax bill?

After we receive the correction request from the applicable department (Assessor, Tax Collector, or Special District), it may take up to two (2) weeks for the bill to be corrected. The corrected bill should be available online about two (2) days after the correction. Here is the link to the Tax Collector's account lookup website. Please allow up to two (2) weeks after correction request is processed for the new bill to arrive in the mail.

Where can I find property tax increment amounts for Redevelopment Agencies or Successor Agencies?

You can view property tax increment information for Redevelopment Agencies or Successor Agencies by fiscal year on our Publications page.

What are the phone numbers for the departments related to property taxes?

Auditor-Controller: 925-608-9320

Assessor: 925-313-7400

Tax Collector: 925-608-9500