Tax Rate Questions

How is my tax rate determined?

The tax rate consists of the 1% general tax plus any general obligation bond tax rates. General obligation bond tax rates are determined by the annual bond debt service requirements and the assessed valuations of the districts that issued the bonds. These rates may change each fiscal year depending on the debt service requirements and assessed valuations of the districts.

How can I find out more information about the bonds that are part of my tax rate on my tax bill?

Most of the voter-approved bonds are used for infrastructure projects including the construction and rehabilitation of school facilities. The sponsoring district and the year that the bond was approved by voters are typically listed in the bond description on your tax bill. Find contact information of the sponsoring districts (PDF).

Where can I view tax rates for different fiscal years?

Please see Property Tax Publications.

Can I become exempt from paying general obligation bonds?

No, all taxable properties are subject to the 1% countywide tax plus voter-approved general obligation bonds.

When can I expect to stop paying these bonds?

The last fiscal year that the bond will be on your tax bill can be found on the General Obligation Bonds (PDF) schedule.

How is the Countywide 1% property tax distributed?

Please see Where Your Taxes Go.