Refunds Questions

How is my refund calculated?

Refunds are usually the result of a reduction in assessed value by the Assessor's Office. The calculation is the reduction in assessed value multiplied by the tax rate for the applicable fiscal year. The refund may be pro-rated based on time of ownership The refund may include interest, late penalties, and/or special assessments.

When can I expect to receive my refund?

It may take a month to receive a property tax refund starting from the time our Office receives the refund request from the applicable department.

What does this refund description mean?

"TAX RFND 200 MAIN ST" (example): This refund is a supplemental tax roll decrease in value due to a recent ownership change on this property. The sale value was lower than the most recent assessed value creating a negative supplemental refund.

"345-678-901-2" (example): This refund is for over payment of taxes due to a correction decreasing the value to real property on the supplemental secured current or prior year tax roll.

"T02341-S567", "CF345678", "N2143", "456789-0000", "M20160-0999" (examples): This refund is for a business, boat, mobile home, or airplane correction/cancellation of value on the unsecured tax roll, or a corrected or canceled amount on the supplemental tax roll that affected the ""sellers share"" of an original supplemental tax bill. The ten digit number referred to in example 2 is the parcel number. Unsecured account numbers, by type, listed in example 3 are: (T) supplemental property tax, (CF) boat, (N) airplane, (456789-000) business or (M20160-0999) mobile home."

How can I have my refund check replaced?

Please contact the General Accounting division of the Office of the Auditor-Controller at 925-608-9360.

When will I receive a refund for my duplicate payment?

The refund is generated approximately sixty days from the date that the Tax Collector's Office posted the initial payment. For more information, please contact the Tax Collector's Office at 925-608-9500.