TV Airing Request


Arts and Culture Commission Sponsored CCTV Program Airing Request:

The Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County welcomes fresh new programming that enriches our communities in Contra Costa County. If your program promotes, communicates, or educates the public on issues of Arts, or celebrates cultural expression of the many diverse ethnic groups who live in Contra Costa County in a positive way, the Commission can recommend that your program be aired by CCTV.

Evaluation Criteria: 

Programs submitted for airing on CCTV will be evaluated to determine if the proposed program:

1. Is of countywide interest                                                                                                            

2. Has an arts or cultural connection                                                                                             

3. Is of high broadcast quality                                                                                                      

4. Is within acceptable community standards and mores

We invite you to submit a request for CCTV broadcast of your programs. Please read CCTV Operating Policies and Procedures and fill out the Arts and Culture Commission Sponsored CCTV Airing Request online. Your request will be reviewed by the Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County.

CCTV Operating Policies and Procedures