Word from Chief Information Officer

We take great pride in the dedicated individuals who comprise the Department of Information Technology (DoIT). Since 1995, the DoIT Team has successfully led numerous enterprise, modernized the county's data center, integrating multiple cloud environment, formulated and implemented an encompassing IT Strategy covering governance, standards, electronic commerce, and information security. Additionally, our team has been instrumental in representing the county across prominent Federal, State, and private sector boards and organizations. As a comprehensive IT department, we offer a wide range of services including Administration, Operations, Customer Service Center, Systems & Programming, Desktop and Network Services. Moreover, we manage multi-county programs. Our dedicated staff is available round the clock, every day of the week, to ensure that we can meet all your needs. To provide you with the best services, we employ a blend of in-house staff, managed services, and industry experts. Our ultimate objective is to deliver services that exemplify excellence. Internally, we have set a high standard for ourselves, aiming to achieve this level of service. Personally, I take immense pride in our organization and the opportunity to serve you, our valued customers.