Word from Chief Information Officer

We are proud of the people who work for the Department of Information Technology (DoIT). Since 1995, the DoIT Team has brought in several multi-million dollar projects; re-tooled the county's data center; developed and rolled out an IT Strategy for governance, standards, electronic commerce and information security; represented the county on a number of highly visible Federal, State and private sector boards and organizations.

We are a full service IT department: Administration, Operations, Customer Service Center, Systems & Programming, Desktop and Network Services, and run three county-wide programs, Information Security, Public Safety Radio System over the Countywide Microwave System, Telecommunications and Wide Area Network, and have staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet our customers' needs. We use a combination of staff; in-house, outsourced and contractors, to provide you with services.

We have set an internal goal of providing service that achieves a level of "excellence".

I take personal pride in our organization, and in being able to serve you, our customers. As with everyone on Team DoIT, I am available for comment and discussion via email or telephone at 925-313-1200.

Marc Shorr