Policies & Contracts


Contra Costa's Board of Supervisors sets Information Technology policies with input from the county's Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC), which is the organization's Executive IT Governance Committee.


The ITSC is chaired by the County Administrator, who relies on the County's Chief Information Officer for staff support. The ITSC meets on an "as-necessary" basis, and is comprised of the County Department Heads selected by the CAO.

The ITSC was developed in 1995, and shortly thereafter, approved and released the County's IT Strategy IT document. The IT Strategy is the basis for all IT decisions and priorities brought before and approved by the ITSC.

Other Committees

The ITSCate, the County's Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC), and the Information Security Advisory Committee (ISAC) receive technical advice from the ITSC. These committees are made up of representatives from every county department, and represent the collective departments' input on technology issues.

The ITAC is co-chaired by two IT Managers from county departments on a rotating basis. The ISAC is chaired by the County's Chief Information Security Officer.