Office of Reentry and Justice

The Office of Reentry & Justice (ORJ) was officially launched in January 2017 as a 2.5 year pilot project of the County Administrator's Office to align and advance the County's public safety realignment, reentry, and justice programs and initiatives; it is primarily funded by AB 109 Public Safety Realignment revenues from the state. In July 2020 the ORJ was permanently moved into the Probation Department.  The ORJ provides oversight for the implementation of the AB 109 Community Programs and staffing support to the County's Racial Justice Oversight Body.

The scope and responsibilities of the ORJ include:

  • Coordinating a broad array of reentry, public safety realignment, and justice-related services;
  • Facilitating collaborative efforts around policy development, operational practices and supportive services;
  • Advancing knowledge of relevant issues, research and best-practices in the fields of reentry, public safety realignment, and justice;
  • Fostering capacity-building and partnership development;
  • Leading the procurement process and contract management for community-based reentry service providers;
  • Identifying and developing new initiatives and funding opportunities to support the work;
  • Supporting legislative advocacy;
  • Managing data and evaluation of funded services; and
  • Conducting public outreach, information sharing and community engagement.

Please contact Patrice Guillory for more information at (925) 313-4087, or through email.